I noticed some negative reviews saying they were too small. These are likely people who do not carry their own bags or are people who go to the gym regularly and lift weights. If you make these bags any larger, you have to be strong enough to carry the bags in/out of the car and house. I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor at a gym for almost 40 years. If the bags were larger, weaker individuals might hurt their backs lifting them in/out of the car. They are the perfect size for the weight of grocery items.

I always bag my own groceries. I always try to bag as fast as I can so I don't hold up other customers. Other reusable grocery bags are very flimsy and none of them stand up. I waste time stuffing the bags because they don't stay open. With these bags, they are like the picture. They are firm and stay open while I'm bagging. I guarantee I (and other baggers) can load these faster than anyone in the store.
When I get home, because they stay open, I can see everything in the bag. I don't have to pry open each bag trying to locate things because the bag doesn't stay open. I can see the entire contents at a glance so unloading these bags is also much faster.
They are slightly heavier than other reusable grocery bags, but that's because they are a lot more durable and thicker than other bags, so I don't think the heavier weight is a negative.
I love these bags so much I plan to buy them for everyone for Christmas.

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